Respected applicants, in each of the following fields, it is possible to check the authenticity of the certificate issued by Iran’s Welding Center. For this purpose, it is necessary to complete and submit the form at the bottom of the page. If more information is needed or if it is not possible to answer the requested query, the cases will be notified:


  • Certificates related to the International Institute of Welding and the European Welding Federation (IIW/EWF IAB)

    o Certificates issued by Iran ANB and ANBCC (IWREC)

    o Certificates issued by Austria ANB (SZA) in cooperation with Iran ANB

    o Certificates issued by Kazakhstan ANB (KAZWELD) in cooperation with Iran ANB


  • Certificates of internal training courses

    o Non-destructive testing (NDT) courses

    o Evaluation of welder qualification (welder test)

    o Other courses

Form of Issued Certificates Inquiry